Who are we?

We are a Danish based design brand combining the greatest of Danish traditions on the journey to kill Big Fat Ugly Speakers once and for all. We want to challenge the way you think about sound at home with evolutionary design, bold creative thinking and proactive techniques.

Your home is not like my home and my home is not like my friends home. By giving you customizability like no one else we embrace the fact that no home is alike – it is all about appreciating the harmony at home.

beautiful sound
for your home

A design experience

The speaker is based on timeless design and the ability to always follow the trend. The craftsmanship behind has it roots in Danish design and Danish quality. It is made of solid wood and the cover is made of a special fabric designed to be sound transparent.

The cover is created by skilled designers and artists ensuring you the trendiest designs. Should you fall in love with multiple designs, it is possible to change the cover completely hassle free in the matter of seconds.

The speaker uses Bluetooth connection for playing and is battery powered, which means it is completely wireless, able to hang freely on the wall. When the battery is running low, it can be charged without moving it, using the charging cable that follows with the speaker.

And the sound? Do not worry about the sound quality. We have been testing and optimizing the sound for countless of hours. Great design is the product as a whole and for us the sound has to be just as good as the design – and it is.

What's in it?

Changeable cover

Chargeable battery

Danish design and quality

20-25h playing time

Connect with bluetooth

Outstanding sound quality

Meet the artists

We put an effort in bringing you the hottest designs by working with talented designers and artists – and they do their very best to deliver you something amazing, designed to match the speaker. Each cover is designed with the sole purpose of creating harmony between the speaker and the design.

The diversity in our designers and artists expression brings balance in your home, with customizability on a whole new level.


Eva Magill-

Philipp grein